A-1 Entertainment Chicago

A-1 Entertainment Chicago

A-1 Entertainment Chicago provides professional musical entertainment for your special event

A-1 Entertainment Chicago provides professional musical entertainment for your special event
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Paul Adams – DJ, Services Coordinator

DJ services
– for dances, receptions, parties, banquets, picnics, and corporate functions. Our vocalist LaVerne may also perform to provide additional entertainment for your event. Microphones are available for group announcements and speeches.
Why our music is different from other DJs.
– To make your event unique for you, we try to suggest songs that have special meaning to you. Maybe a first dance, college pep song or theme song from a favorite movie or TV show. We will do our best to accommodate all your needs. The passion we have to provide the right music for you insures your event is fun, energetic and memorable. We will be working with you from the planning stages to the end of a memorable evening.
The volume does not determine the Quality of the Sound.
– Have you ever been to a live musical event and you can’t have a conversation because the music is so loud. You can plan infinitely, have the best music or vocalists playing and singing; however, if the sound is inferior, it taints the mood of the entire event. We provide quality sound that is right for your special occasion.
A-1 Entertainment provides dance music
– for Big Band Swing, Rock & Roll, Jitterbug, Rumba, Fox Trot, Salsa, Polka, Waltz, Disco, Country and Line dances. We offer music of all types from the 40’s to today, Just about anything you request, we can provide. Each event is tailored to meet your specific requirements.
Our female vocalist
LaVerne, performs regularly at local clubs, restaurants, Senior Centers and rehab facilities around the Chicagoland area. Please email PLA45@aol.com to be placed on our email list of upcoming shows.

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